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Understanding External Factors and Workload’s Impact on Cyclist Safety

Project Description

The Federal Highway Administration is encouraging states to adopt “Complete Streets” which has motivated many states to start mandating “Complete Streets” policies. Hence, there is an urgent need to accelerate and advance the research on cyclists’ behavior because policies empower the construction of active transportation infrastructure while guidelines and data to guide and understand cyclist behaviors have not caught up yet. Given the previous background, the main objective of this research is to collect data that describe cyclists’ behavior in simulation and field environments. Then create a naturalistic cycling database and continue to update it. The collected data is meant to help understand different cyclists’ behavior, perception, and workload when operating under different conditions, infrastructural situations, and diverse cyclists. The prospect collected data include but are not limited to reaction times, expressions of visibility, and quantification of safety and comfort. We want to utilize the outcomes of the previous objective to develop cycling’ models for design and safety by identifying Albuquerque’s cycling infrastructure weaknesses from human factors’ perspective and suggest possible improvements. In other words, identifying the vulnerability of Albuquerque's cycling infrastructure which will be translated into safety countermeasures.


This project would produce various databases from the measurment taken as well as validate measurements proper for workload in cyclist which could be translated into policies. Each measure would come with its process and method to be obtained from the participant in similar studies.


The project dissemination activities include:

- Publications: the research outcomes will be presented in national and international conferences and peer-reviewed journals.

- Events participation: the research outcomes will be communicated at conferences and public events and demonstrated to local, national, and international research colleagues.

Additionally, the outcome of this research supports the safety, comfort, and design for cyclists that are vulnerable road users. The participants are to represent a broad spectrum of cyclists to support the goal of developing research and applications for “All Ages, All Abilities.” As New Mexico is one of the top most diverse states in the US, the proponents are looking forward to hiring volunteers from all backgrounds, ages, gender, races, capabilities, and any other unmentioned category that makes the outcomes of this research represents and include everyone.


06/01/2023 to 05/31/2024


University of New Mexico

Principal Investigator

Lisa L. Losada-Rojas

University of New Mexico

ORCID: 0000-0002-7221-4900


Karim Habib

Washington State Department of Transportation

Research Project Funding

Federal: $130,598

Non-Federal: $0

Contract Number


Project Number


Research Priority

Promoting Safety

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